As of this writing we’re just over three weeks away from shooting our first feature, a super dark horror film called CARA. We’re busy putting everything into place as you can imagine with just the last couple of pieces to be put together for the cast. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to unleash Cara onto the public, this one really isn’t going to be a date movie. Well, depends on the participants we guess.

Synopsis: Cara is a young woman tormented by a horrific past of abuse and mental health problems who believes people are conspiring to return her to the mental institution she was so desperate to escape. Cara has a plan, a devastating and terrible plan. She uses the viewers of her shows to make it a reality leaving behind a trail of horror. Cara is a black journey which tackles mental health issues, pornography, substance abuse, physical abuse and horrific violence. A dark journey which will leave no viewer untouched.


We’re looking to hire a new social media wizard so hopefully you’ll be hearing a LOT more about Cara in the coming months. We’ll keep everyone posted as best we can.