“Elbows” is the second short film released by Black Octopus Productions and sees a decidedly…’different’ shift in tone from their debut, “Unseen”. Released in December 2021, “Elbows” follows 24 hours in the life of Nathan Tomes, a young man who finds himself trapped in a dead-end job with a boss who hates him and fate continually dealing him a bad hand. However, the drudge of a typical office day is soon enlivened by an innocuous phone call and a biro, leading to what, by any standards, can be called an explosive finale. “Elbows” lives in a previously undiscovered spot between dark surreal comedy and “There was an old woman who swallowed a fly” and has already won multiple awards at film festivals around the world and will receive it’s first public screening at Kino Film Festival in Manchester in April.


Starring the brilliant John Thacker as Nathan Tomes, with Jill Myers as his boss, Linda and Wendy Patterson as Doctor Tobias, both regular faces on television, from Coronation Street to Emmerdale to Shameless, “Elbows” is absurd to its bones. Written by Daz Lawrence and directed by Hayden Hewitt, “Elbows” is produced by Black Octopus Productions. The film has already received praise from critics and awards from around the world, including “Best Actor” for John Thacker at Italy’s prestigious Assurdo Film Festival; “Best Short Film” at the International Cult Film Festival and “Best Short Film” at the Medusa Film Festival.

Written by Daz Lawrence “Elbows” is directed by Hayden Hewitt and is produced by Black Octopus Productions.